Ok so, this should be a big-big "comeback", but probably I'm the only one who thinks that. :)
Some of you know I used to have a own blog, with own domain and everything. Actually I really loved it! It was entirely mine. Unfortunately I decided to finish it because of some personal and material problems. But today I realized I can't live without my best friend - my diary. I always say I'm going to die with a camera and a keyboard with my hands. Since I'm not writing I feel something is missing from my life. When I'm sad at nights and/or my head is full of thoughts I can't fall asleep until I don't turn my laptop on again and start to "write out" my feelings (like I do it now, hah!)
Whatever. So I decided to start a new diary here. It's going to be totally different than the one before (that is why I didn't choose to continue the previous one). First of all as you can see, it's in English. I'll try to blog in this universal language, because lot of my friends were complaining they don't understand my Hungarian and Slovak blabla. My English is still not the best, but come learn and practise the language with me. :) Of course I apologize if there will be some posts in my mother language. You can't tell your very deep feelings in a foreign language - everybody knows that.
So what is this ABOUT? In the future I would like to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, write about my travelings and perceptions in these places, about people I meet, and/or people I love. So enjoy it, I hope you will like what I do. Have a nice reading time! :)

Thanks for your support in advance,

Oh and here you have a "Welcome-picture" :)

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