This day supposed to be the day of the End of the World. Well, it didn't ended. But there is a thing what happened today. If it has something with this special date connected or just a coincidence... decide it yourself.



"See the money wanna stay, for your meal
Get another piece of pie, for your wife
everybody wanna know, how it feels
everybody wanna see, what it's like
living in a beehive, of your mind
me and Mrs. busy, busy making money
yes, hey, hey
Greenback Boogie"
Are these lines familiar to you? No, probably not. By only reading these sentences, it is an empty text even for me. But it contains more than this. These are actually the lyrics of the new very cool TV show I started to watch recently: Suits.


Greetings to Eastern Europe

It's already December and I'm still spending my days in lovely Malta. Only two weeks separate us from Christmas, so I was thinking about to send some greetings to my homies in Slovakia, Eastern Europe.



Hey Darlings!
Well, some of you may know that I run more blogs. All of them have/had different purpose and first I didn't want to mix them up. Now I changed my mind. So I would like to invite you to join my Tumblr site: Evintageline.


The Maltese Style

I was just listening some chillin' electro-swing mix, when I discovered this remade video on my Facebook News Feed Wall. Yes, the musicvideo which is spreading around the world coming from the faraway Korea. I'm 100% sure there are millions of lovers and haters of this song, unless it wouldn't be one of the most viewed videoclips on Youtube with 845,756,223 views (current status). I have mixed feelings about the song. I admit, it is a track which is going on your nerves, but on the other hand you can't stop troll the tune. That is the reason why there are new parody videos uploaded daily. Beautiful girls or hot moms dancing with their babies to the coreography, or the classic remakes just as London, Obama, Eastern Europe or Santa Style - just to mention the most famous ones orbitating on Youtube.
All of them are funny and interesting and have lot of views, but the closest to my heart is the Eastern European Style obviously as I'm coming from one of those countries :) ... BUT at the moment, while living my sunny life in Malta my favourit is the Maltese Style of course.
So after this long prelude, let me share with you the mentioned video (with 121,370 views!!!) and tell the facts, why I actually love this tiny island.


Happy hours

Hello Everyone! A lot happened in the past days/weeks, I don't even know where to start the story. Let's take everything in chronological order.


Night lights

Greetings from Malta again. All the home-friends can stop hating me as the weather is not like summer anymore. Of course while you are wearing coats and boots and it's maybe even snowing, for me the biggest change to put on some socks and take a sweater or a jacket with me. No more people swimming in the sea, but the temperature is around 20°, which is still lovely. So the last time I promised you some night (not party) life pictures. For this I made two walk-trips in the Sliema and Saint Julians area and documented the "lights" around.