"See the money wanna stay, for your meal
Get another piece of pie, for your wife
everybody wanna know, how it feels
everybody wanna see, what it's like
living in a beehive, of your mind
me and Mrs. busy, busy making money
yes, hey, hey
Greenback Boogie"
Are these lines familiar to you? No, probably not. By only reading these sentences, it is an empty text even for me. But it contains more than this. These are actually the lyrics of the new very cool TV show I started to watch recently: Suits.
Are serial addicted? Don't know what to watch and you are tired of waiting one week for the new episode of your favorite TV show? Then start to download Suits! :)
We are living a busy life. Everyone is busy, doing busy things, saying they don't have time for nothing or meeting noone. But one thing I figured out: everyone has time to watch his/her favorite TV show(s).
I heard lot of people talking about their awesome serials, but somehow I always stayed loyal to my favorite ones. I always said I don't want to start a new one, as it's already hard to keep up with the existing ones. You know I'm a kinda fanatic, who is downloading every single new episode after it becomes available. Well, I was in trouble the last weeks, as most of my serials ended (or ending) and the few one left were not enough to satisfy me on a daily basis. So I made a big-big step and carefully searched for a new one. That's how I picked this one.
As I'm a girl, I'm more into comedy and drama when I choose a TV show. I want to laugh or cry or both while watching it, full of emotions. Guys, don't run away, this one is not like that at all! But I still really like it. I don't want to tell you a lot about that, so you can figure out yourself... But basically it is about two handsome lawyers working for a big law firm, employing only students from Harvard university. Harvey (Gabriel Macht), the corporate lawyer of the company is trying to find his new associate. That's how he meets and hires the smart Mike (Patrick J. Adams) who immediately impressed him with his superskill of eidetic memory. This is how the whole story starts. If you want to know more, start downloading! :)
By the way Suits is a quite new TV show as well, from 2011. Currently they are ending the second season, however it still worth watching for sure. If you don't believe me, check out IMDb statistics, where you can see it is rated 8.9/10 from almost 50.000 voters.
And let me share one more funny thing about Suits. The theme song is awesome! Normally I skip the theme songs of my serials. It is long or boring after 8-9 seasons of watching. Well, this theme song is different. It's dancy with ear-catchy tunes and I just simply can't wait to hear it every single time. Here is what I'm talking about, enjoy it! :)

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