Greetings to Eastern Europe

It's already December and I'm still spending my days in lovely Malta. Only two weeks separate us from Christmas, so I was thinking about to send some greetings to my homies in Slovakia, Eastern Europe.

I spend remarkable time on Youtube, so I couldn't miss facing the next Gangam Style cover video, which is the Eastern Europe Style:
The lyrics for the first view are shocking. Even for the second or third time. :D It's possible that the "author" was exaggerating a bit, but if you think about it, you will find some truth in it. Is this video only funny or offensive? Decide it by yourself. For sure I'm not taking it wrong and it's totally unnecessary to get mad about it. Bricka Bricka, the Eastern European immigrant is painting a caricature about the Eastern European lifestyle for us and it already has more than 2.5 million views. Just one of the few key words of the song: very poor, work hard, sexy kurva, very nice women, cheap price, fighting, drinking vodka and I think all of them are true. When he was listing the countries at the end, I realized he missed mine. But I found in the comments under the video that Slovakia and Czech Republic is missing, so boom, the list eventually done. :)

This video made me think about Slovakia, my family, friends and the people I know there, the places I have seen there, the experiences I collected there. So no matter what the people say, this will be my home and my country forever. 
I miss you my people! And let this video bring a smile to your faces too!
Cheers, greetings,

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