Night lights

Greetings from Malta again. All the home-friends can stop hating me as the weather is not like summer anymore. Of course while you are wearing coats and boots and it's maybe even snowing, for me the biggest change to put on some socks and take a sweater or a jacket with me. No more people swimming in the sea, but the temperature is around 20°, which is still lovely. So the last time I promised you some night (not party) life pictures. For this I made two walk-trips in the Sliema and Saint Julians area and documented the "lights" around.

Here you can see my walk around Sliema. The red cross is obviously the place where we are living currently and the numbers show the locations of the individual pictures below. I was just walking seafront on Tower Road heading to the Sliema Ferries. Here I made a short break on a bench (I'm an old lady :D), then I continued to the Tigné Point area, where is one og the biggest Maltese Shopping Mall. At the end back home :)

Here are the pictures coming...
1 - Fortizza Hotel
2 - Taking night coffee with the metal tourists
3 - Tigné Point pedestrian bridge
4 - Fortina Spa resort
5 - I call it as the "Family sign"

Ok this walk was quite picture-less, I know. That's why I took my boyfriend for a walk and made a looot in the Saint Julians Area. So again, the red cross is the start (and the end of course) of the trip. I like to take a walk in this direction as close to our place is a green area, a park, a children playground. Basically everything what I need. :D

1 - The Park
1 - Fountain in the park

1 - Enjoying the childen's playground
Walking along we reach the famous Barracuda Penthouse&Restaurant, where the Malta-well-known star: TimStone is living. Right next to this building is probably Saint Julian's biggest church called Church of Our Lady Mt Carmel and the Le Méridian Hotel&Spa.
2 - Barracuda Penthouse and Restaurant
3 - Church of Our Lady of Mt Carmel
4 - Le Méridian Hotel & Spa seems is ready for Christmas :)
As we are getting closer and closer to Saint Julians heart we can see a beautiful seaview with night lights. This town was definitely created for tourists. It's full of bars, clubs, restaurants and mainly people(!!!). My favourit is the Love sign statue.
5 - Seaview in Saint Julians
6 - Finally after 2 years I made a Love sign picture :)
After this my goal was to get to the Cat Village. Yes, because Saint Juls has a village like that as well, hah! When I first saw it, this thing was pretty unbelievable for me. But last summer I used to live there and I understood everything when I realized my neighboor is the "cat-woman", who is taking care about the cats. She made this place for tourist, they like it so much, so they are leaving donations. From this money the cat-woman (a lovely old lady) is buying them food and probably more and more stuffed animals. :)
7 - Walking "seafront"
8 - Lights of Cat Village 
From here we were heading to Portomaso direction to document Hilton's lights. The Hilton area is beautiful. Full of nice and expensive restaurants. The courtyard and the port is very famous. Almost every tourist is coming here makes a picture about himself. So we did it as well :D
9 - The sign of Portomaso even on the trash bin
10 - Entrance of Hilton
10 - at Hilton we had to make a picture about ourself as well :D
10 - Hilton's courtyard 
11 - Maltese restaurant
After this my plan was done, so we just walked back home the same way.
12 - the last seaview and night lights picture
So this supposed to be the Malta Night Sightseeing trip&review for all the tourist-souls interested in Malta. For more pictures check out the Evangeline's Facebook album. Next time I'm coming with very nice news from a very nice new place.
Xoxo :)


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