Happy hours

Hello Everyone! A lot happened in the past days/weeks, I don't even know where to start the story. Let's take everything in chronological order.

But first: NEWS! The most important thing that my location is changed. I'm still in Malta, we just finally moved to our own flat. Finally! I'm finally at the place where I wanted to live all summer and since I'm back to the rocks. I was surprised, but it was pretty hard to find THE apartment. I thought it won't be that complicated as it's already autumn, summer is over, the tourist are gone and the prices are down again as well. This was all true, but the problem was the property market is kinda dead. After checking apartments with 2 agents we realized we need to contact more agencies as we barely saw few flats with one each. More agencies means bigger database. At the end we had 7 agents from 7 agencies, 2-3apartments/agent. Due to my woman personality I like to have options to choose from. It's the same when we go for shopping and first checking the range of all the stores, then we go back to the first one where we felt in love with the "subject". When it comes to choose the place for living it's much more a serious decision as we are going to live in that apartment for long months, so we need to like it. That's how we checked ~20 apartments and I didn't like non of them truly. You know the feeling when it's "too big, too small, too expensive, too far, too old, too smelly or too modern". Or maybe I'm the person who is too picky. :D Then the last agent picked us up and already desperated we went for the last flat-seeing tour. I don't even need to mention the last apartment with last agent was the perfect one. It was not a question to rent it. That is the place where I'm writing from now: center of Saint Julians. My city!
In the meantime I was hanging out quite often. The most common going out is the "Happy Hour Coctail Drinking". Lot of bars offer free drinks in the afternoon hours. It means you will get 2 for the price of 1 or 1 half priced coctail. Which is pretty cool. I'm always in for Happy Hours Coctail :) Even the drink tastes better this time! The bars usually are not that crowded the afternoons (evenings). There are no drunk animals bothering you all the time. All the people are there to have some dinner and some cheap free coctails. It's always a perfect program to have some girly chat with your friends while drinking Sex on the Beach or Strawberry Mojito.
Finally I visited the cinema in Malta. To be honest I'm kinda skinflint when it comes to movies as I'm a big fan of downloading torrents (yes I'm a pirate :D)and watching movies from my comfortable bed. But this time my Latvian friend really wanted to see Anna Karenina, so I decided to join her. It's a serious film made from the Russian novel Anna Karenina written by Tolstoj directed by Joe Wright, the director of Price and Prejudice and with actors like Jude Law and Keira Knightley. The movie was nice as I expected, but the upper rows were full of crazy, all the time chatting teenagers, who simply destroyed the morale of the movie. However I still recommend it to all the girly sensitive souls.
Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina
The last weekend we attended the event Sunglasses at Night. Finally I made it as my wish was to get there. It was always organized before on a day when I couldn't participate. This time it was a Halloween edition of the Sunglasses, thousands of people in sunglasses and Halloween costumes. So we had a lot of fun and of course we had lot of "fun" also the "next" day...
Me and the Germans at Sunglasses at Night Halloween Party
Last week's program was the impossible packing and moving to the new place. Taking suitcases, boxes, bags and also some furniture ... but we made it. I spent hours with packing in and out, but at least we are relaxed for next 6 months.
We built our new work-station
This weekend was very special as we had a visitor from Brüssel. Well, actually our friend was visited by a girlfriend, who is Polish (Eastern-European, hah!) living in Belgium. That's why we had a lot of couple stuff together, which I enjoyed a lot. I always support these couple activities. We had lunch, dinner and barbeque together, sightseeing in Valletta and sunsetseeing in the highest part of Malta. Let the pictures talk for themselves :)
Wafles from Brüsel for breakfast with jam, nutella and milk
The Chicken Teriyaki Lunch at Wagamama 
Highest part of Malta: Dingli Cliffs

Sunset from Dingli Cliffs
In the meantime I didn't stop cooking as I always need to feed my boy and like to experiment with the recipes I find online, even if I'm not the chef of the year. Here are some of my last ones. Of course pancakes/week is a must now :D
Mozarella-Tomato Chicken with Croquettes
Baked Zucchini with Minced Meat
Good night folks! Xoxo :)

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