Hey Darlings!
Well, some of you may know that I run more blogs. All of them have/had different purpose and first I didn't want to mix them up. Now I changed my mind. So I would like to invite you to join my Tumblr site: Evintageline.
Obviously this blog is where I explain, discuss and share my views, opinions and experiences with my audition. However it was always my wish to create and keep a collection of beautiful pictures fitting my taste and style. So I made it! Tumblr is a perfect place to run something like this. Recently I updated Evintageline's theme, filled sections ABOUT ME and ABOUT MY BLOGwhere you can find more info about all of these.
Let me explain you also the origin of the name, as name Evintageline for the first hearing may sound weird. Just take my usual, classic, always used Evangeline with I'm really stucked and combine it with a lil' bit of vintage style. And voala, Evintageline! To be honest I'm very proud of this creation I made by myself. :)
Evintageline is running in vintage style or at least in vintage colors, as it was always one of my big passions.

My dear readers,
feel free to follow me there (upper right corner) if you have an account. For those who don't, I would just recommend to create it. This way you will own a website, designed by your style - theme, links and pictures. Tumblr is a perfect place for business, art, beauty, poetry, fashion, photography, nature, history, sports, travel or technology. I guarantee you will find your style and the topic you are interested in.
So once again, welcome to my Vintage Life (by clicking on the picture, you will get redirected to the place):

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